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"Working together with our employees, Warren's strives to achieve the highest quality workmanship without compromising our dedication to preserving the environment.”

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Environmental Certifications

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Our Commitment to the Environment

"Many businesses have committed themselves to environmental or sustainable developmental practices that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs"

Warren's is passionate about living up to this ideal every day.*

*Our Common Future 1987

Ontario Environmental Leaders

OEL logo The Printer is a recognized Leader by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.

The Leaders Program recognizes select companies that lead and excel in the preservation of the environment by using environmentally friendly processes and increased efficiencies. The printer is committed to preserving the environment, promoting sustainability and reducing waste for the benefit of the community.

Sustainable and responsible business is good for the environment and a green economy.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001In June of 1998 Warren’s became the first printer in Canada to achieve the prestigious ISO 14001 Certificate.

The ISO 14001 family of standards, which was established by the International Organization of Standardization, deals specifically with Environmental Management Systems.

Warren's is audited once yearly by an external auditing company in order to maintain this certification.

Environmental Choice Program

EcologoIn February of 1998 Warren’s received the Environmental Choice Programs ECO Logo.

The Environmental Choice Program is Canada’s only Eco Labeling Program.

This program provides a market incentive to manufacturers and suppliers of environmentally preferable products and services and helps consumers identify products and services that are less harmful to the environment.

Forest Stewardship Council®

FSC labelWarren's was one of the first printers in North America certified to offer FSC® certified stocks. The Forest Stewardship Council governs the viable management of the world forests. The FSC logo can be used on any job that is printed on FSC certified stock.