At Warren’s we like to help the print buyer. In order for your print project to be truly environmentally friendly you have to look beyond the paper and look at the print process as well.

Waterless Process

As Canada’s only dedicated waterless printer, Warren’s is able to provide a printing solution from conception in prepress right through to the finishing and bindery stages. There is much more to being environmentally friendly than providing recyled papers and vegetable inks. Our process utilizes three critical initiatives below.

Printing Presses

We eliminate the use of vast amounts of water and the need to dispose of tainted water.

Recycled Papers

We recommend using truly recycled paper, like Forest Stewardship Council® certified paper.

Power Source

Our entire facility is Bullfrog powered, using a sustainable, renewable energy source to power our printing operation.

Utilizing proven technology for prepress production and proofing, and fully dedicated waterless presses with perfecting capabilities, Warren’s offers a wide range of prepress solutions for both PC and Mac formats.